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Somatic Therapist Calgary: Fostering Healing Through Body and Mind 

Alberta residents seeking holistic approaches to healing often turn to FHCTS for guidance and healing. Somatic therapy recognizes how physical health influences psychological well-being through a unique therapeutic approach that intuitively addresses emotional and psychological concerns. 

Understanding Somatic Therapy

Somatic therapy (or somatic experiencing) is an evidence-based therapeutic approach that emphasizes the significance of body awareness to address emotional and psychological distress via bodily experience. Somatic experiencing acknowledges how psychological issues manifest physically through our physical bodies; somatic therapy seeks to use our bodies' innate wisdom as the solution.

Somatic Therapy's Core Principles


Somatic therapy rests upon various core principles; here are the cornerstones:

Mind-Body Connection: This approach acknowledges that physicality and emotion are inextricably intertwined; emotional issues may also be stored or expressed physically.

Awareness and Presence: Somatic therapy emphasizes awareness of bodily sensations and being present in each moment.

Safety and Regulation: Somatic therapy places great importance on creating an ideal environment and helping clients regulate their nervous systems, two essential aspects.

Somatic therapy practitioners at FHCTS help clients develop greater body awareness by exploring bodily sensations, emotions, and patterns of tension more in-depth. In doing so, it provides a foundation where bodily disease can be more easily dispensed.


They assist their clients with managing the stress response systems that generate fight, flight, or freeze reactions.

Facilitate Emotional Release

Somatic therapy provides an opportunity to release pent-up emotions and facilitate emotional healing via physical and verbal expression of these feelings.


Therapists assist clients in reconciling past experiences to promote greater well-being and wholeness in the present moment.

Engaging a Somatic Therapist with FHCTS provides many advantages, such as:


1. Holistic Healing: Somatic therapy addresses emotional and psychological issues through bodywork, offering holistic healing for clients.

2. Emotional Release: Clients typically find relief when their emotions have been stored inside them by experiencing relief from pent-up feelings, promoting emotional well-being and healing.

3. Increased Self-Awareness: Somatic therapy promotes greater self-awareness among clients by helping them connect to bodily sensations and emotions more directly.

4. Stress Reduction: Clients learn to regulate their nervous systems to ease tension while increasing relaxation.

5. Improved Coping Skills: Somatic therapy equips individuals with valuable coping strategies for effectively handling emotional challenges and maintaining well-being.

6. Enhancing Emotional Integration: Clients frequently report increased feelings of emotional integration, wholeness, and well-being following Somatic therapy treatment.

Somatic therapy provides an innovative and holistic approach to healing that embraces mind-body connection as a source of well-being. When consulting a Somatic informed therapist with FHCTS, individuals embark on an incredible journey of self-awareness and holistic well-being.

Somatic Therapist Calgary

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