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I am a survivor of horrific childhood abuse; it was like my soul was scalded by what happened to me. Having personally experienced childhood abuse herself; Mia was able to help me stay "present" as we dealt with my emotional pain. I no longer dissociate when I encounter difficulties. This has been a fairly long process and Mia is still working with me - but much of that pain is now a distant memory. Thank you for helping me with what I could not do alone. Your compassionate presence with me as I take back my life is so invaluable to me!  

I came to Calgary to heal and be loved back to life.  My heart had been shattered by past and present circumstances.  I felt abandoned, rejected and total helplessness. I was suicidal and just wanted to die.... I wanted the pain to stop, not in time, but now.  I knew in my heart that only God could help me and He brought me to Mia. What an amazing, wonderful person she is.  Her gifting and sensitivity into complex issues is priceless. Her professionalism, compassion and empathy were an unexpected blessing.  She is fully dedicated to helping her clients get from a place of brokenness to a place of restoration.

My experience with Mia Klassen as a counsellor was rich, extravagant and rewarding.  Mia gradually, gracefully reached into those dark recesses of my heart, causing buried tragedies to surface, only to bring healing and gradually restoration to those damaged areas of my life.  The healing process has been ongoing, bringing healing by recognizing those trigger points, deep rooted ramifications from having suffered abuse (sexual, physical, and mental) that had threaded throughout my life.  Mia taught me “boundaries,” administering forgiveness and grace, that I am valued and not a victim.  Mia is a gifted and anointed counsellor and I highly would recommend her to anyone suffering from childhood/adulthood trauma.  Thank you Mia.  You are a true blessing in this world.

I am a 51-year old female who has been through a lot in my life.  From addiction to homelessness and other intense psychological issues.  I have been in counseling therapy and several psychiatrists as well since I was 12.  I had the privilege of working with Mia for several months.  There was many breakthroughs with her.  I found my life changed in many facets while doing the suggestions she gave me to do. I am very grateful for the results I experienced in my therapy with Mia.

It was with great pleasure that I would recommend Mia Klassen for your counselling needs.  I appreciate Mia’s authentic, compassionate, and energetic spiritual approach in confronting my challenges or worries, anxieties, and fears.  Mia encompasses the complete transformational process of mind, body, spirit and soul.  Mia assisted me to increase my comfort level when in pain and feeling uncertain whether to proceed.  I sincerely wish Mia Klassen all the very best and much success on her future endeavors in pursuing her counselling career!

I first saw Mia in a presentation and was instantly drawn to her kind voice and gentle demeanor. She has now been my therapist for the past 8 months and I am very grateful for her guidance and expertise. Mia is a great listener and is able to empathize. She is non-judgmental, yet capable of dealing with the important issues at hand. I feel supported and that I can trust her 100%. She is amazing.


When I first met Daniel I was at a very difficult point in my life. I felt as if I needed someone intelligent to point me in the right direction. I didn't want someone to ask me 'how are you feeling or how do you feel about that?' but rather I wanted someone with deep and meaningful insight. Even though we came from completely different backgrounds, Daniel provided me with that insight. After years of struggling to manage trauma, ADHD, dissociation and even other personalities, Daniel is helping me to manage something deep like my past traumas and even mundane things like my weight. Regardless of what I may face or might need help with, and despite our significantly different backgrounds, I can be sure Daniel is the right guy to help me through it!

I've been to so many psychiatrists and psychologists and was stuck in the same spiraling issues with no real change. I didn't have any hope when I went to see Daniel. I thought it would be the same garbage as everyone else I'd seen. But I was wrong. Daniel saw me. He saw me as a man, not a sick patient. He came alongside me, so I could climb out of my mess and heal my traumas. Instead of band-aiding the problem or trying to do all the rescuing, he let me feel the consequences of my actions so l could do the changing myself. The tools he's given me have been changing my life. The challenges he's asked of me haven't been easy but I really appreciate that he has allowed me the space to heal and grow. Even less than a year ago I would have told you therapy doesn't work, but now I am so grateful and I am looking forward to my future instead of dreading it.  

Daniel and I have spent many sessions together. I had been to multiple therapists and no one has been really able to help me. The help that they gave was around how I could manage my behaviour. That is good and all, but then I would get triggered and I would be back to doing things I hated. It was so frustrating to me! Daniel was understanding and gentle with me. With my permission, he would lead me into doing regression work where we would go back in time where my hurt began. This was amazing to me that I was able to relive these experiences with Daniel. Things started making sense to me and I am standing on firmer ground. I am still in the process of becoming the man I want to be and I thank Daniel for opening this door to me.  

I attended Freedom & Hope Counselling & Therapeutic Services following a traumatic injury that shook me to the core as it changed my ability to earn a living in my 34 year professional occupation.  It was like going 100 mph down a freeway and stopping on a dime.  I never anticipated that my entire life would stop like that and forever change going forward. To say the least, the stress caused from the traumatic event affected every area of my life creating significant anxiety patterns that had their root in “trust” issues. Mr. Klassen’s counseling was specific to my issues, gently digging out the underlying root causes from my inner parts and my dissociated self, allowing me to process and restore balance to the distortions I was living with.  It was refreshing to learn about my inner self and be so skillfully directed to discover the things that were holding me back from moving forward. Daniel's counseling approach was very professional and skillfully implemented to achieve results. I have no hesitation to recommend him in helping anyone in processing their emotional blockages that are preventing them from living free in reality. 

I regard Daniel as a close friend and a counselor I regard highly. The man impressed me with his respect, seriousness concerning my situation, willingness to express his opinions, and willingness to listen. My respect for him was earned because he remained calm and open during difficult topics. As a counseling professional, he was determined to face any challenges it posed. In order to achieve his goals, he would seek results, determine his options, and make appropriate changes. Daniel is a serious-minded individual who seeks to improve the world around him. My life has been changed for the better since I was diagnosed with schizophrenia thanks to Daniel.  

Counseling is not an easy thing to work through. It is vitally important that you can find someone that you can trust and can be completely honest with. I have built up an excellent level of trust and open communication with Daniel. We have worked through many events and memories that have haunted and affected how I have grown. I needed a guide to help push me through some of those important issues and Daniel has been that and more. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Him.  

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