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Our Approach to Counselling

Our focus of counseling is to work collaboratively, either with an individual, couple, or family, to sort out the intentions from misaligned "facts" and find a way forward through the mess. Let's get you out of your confusion and distress - to a place where you can "regroup" and set yourselves on the right path, able to thrive.

The main therapeutic processes that we use in individual or marriage counseling in Calgary or Edmonton are person-centered, solution-focused, and attachment-focused. All of these approaches take care of the person's "being." Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is mainly used to move the process forward rationally and safely. Multiple other methods are routinely employed at FHCTS as needed.



Therapy occurs when the individual realizes that their problems are far more than other people, circumstances, and even a combination of their missteps. When the individual learns the way they view life is inaccurate and unhealthy, deep work begins in individual counseling in Edmonton and Calgary, discovering where the skewed thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are coming from and purposely making life-giving changes to regain personal freedoms.


You found someone who you delighted in being with - and they saw the same delight in you, too. But now, happiness has turned into sorrow. Love may still be there, but it is now covered in hurt. This other person may not be suitable for you, or it's just a matter of past damages and misunderstandings that stand in both of your ways. Craziness can be sorted out, and harmony - even delight, can be restored with couples counseling in Calgary or Edmonton.


Family can be the best or the worst place to be. Family is a place where we are supposed to be safe - a place to grow and thrive. But, sometimes, something or someone trips up, and the hurting starts. That hurt can spread and have lifelong adverse effects, not only within the family but be revealed to some extent in all their other relationships - from work to intimate relationships. It's better to correct mistakes right now while you can with family counseling in Calgary and Edmonton. ODES OF CUNSELLING

Who we serve



It is so lovely to have someone to connect with in person, to feel you are connecting and being connected with. It's nice talking to someone who is in the same room because, as humans, we value that social interaction. To make it "real," we offer you sessions in person, in our office, where you can enjoy a cool drink in our cozy space for individual or couples counseling in Edmonton and Calgary.

Online Video Chat

To be in the comfort of your own home - in your environment, possibly in your favorite chair, with a cup of something you know how to make just right... We offer this way of connecting - no driving and quick reverting at whatever you were doing after the session ends. This way of meeting doesn't lose much to in-person - yes, there's a bit of personal touch lost, but it is much more convenient!

Modes of counselling

Counselling Approaches Commonly Used at FHCTS


You are the expert! You know more about what is troubling you, have a good understanding of how you want to live, and have an inkling of how to get out of it. A great counselor knows this and focuses attention on helping clients achieve what is right for them with one-on-one or family counseling in Edmonton and Calgary.


"SFBT" is a strength-based talk therapy based on solution-building rather than problem-solving. Its focus is on elevating present problems and past causes, concentrating on your current circumstances and future hopes rather than "going deep" looking for root causes.


"ABT" recognizes the influential association between early attachment children have with caregivers and others and the experiences they have moved through in their lives until now. Keeping this in mind, ABT is helpful in treating depression and ADHD-related symptoms in people of all ages.


"CBT" is a rational approach to talk therapy that is greatly useful in individual or marriage counseling in Edmonton and Calgary. The CBT counselor helps people learn how to identify faulty thoughts, challenge their stronghold, and replace them with more objective, realistic thoughts that bring peace to the person.


"FT" is a counseling approach that sees the family as an entity all its own. Each person plays his or her part, and like a person's body, when one or multiple parts are not happy, the whole "system" or body isn't happy. By sorting out why and why the negative is happening, you all can then start living and thriving!

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