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Farm Life / Agriculture

Making a living from the land


A farmer from the get-go, a picture of Daniel, probably three - ready to go in his underwear and his dad's boots!

Farming is unquestionably a way of life because it is closely connected to nature, natural resources, and the fundamentals of life. It can be both the best and worst simultaneously.

Daniel's older sister Ruth, likely 13 - 14 years old milking cows in the barn.


Daniel and his sister's Becky and Ruth. Sorry Ruth for your head getting cut off! And lots of Kitties too!


Spike, the dog. He would chase birds flying overhead, bite tires on vehicles coming into the yard - sometimes puncturing them! And rode on TOP of the round bales being moved with the front end loader... happily...


Daniel at 16, a member of the Flatbush 4-H multi club for 11 years, here he is with his calf in 1982 as the 4-H Grand Champion Beef Calf in Westlock, Alberta.

Farm life can be very hard with the animals, elements, land, and people. So much can go wrong - even with the best of intentions. 

Daniel understands the many competing forces in and on the farm. Striving for a future, balancing that with pressures of the family and our own limitations, can make for troubling times. 

Daniel's life began on the farm, and his heart has always remained close to it. Allow him to assist you in preserving what is essential, whatever that may entail, so you and your family can reach your full potential. While farming can be both beautiful and rewarding, it can also present significant challenges. Let Daniel guide you in navigating your difficulties and finding a practical way forward.

Daniel's dad - Henry, who farmed till his end at 79


Areas of Daniel's Expertise

Getting a handle on: Loneness,

Conflict, Anxiety, Depression, and Crazy thinkin'

Managing Resources - Time, Finances, Personnel, Productivity

Relationships - Intimate, familial, communal, and work

Identifying and writing down a Mission Statement; developing vision 

Prioritize priorities, Develop and implement job Descriptions and division of work

Farm Life / Agriculture

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