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Daniel is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and holds numerous other certifications. He works with his wife Mia, in the areas of trauma, addictions, relationships, and identity. As a survivor and overcomer of trauma, GAD, and ADHD, he focuses on the root causes of our struggles to bring about relief. He asserts: Until we find peace inside us, we are not going to find happiness with others. Bringing understanding of the "Why's" of we do what we do, helps us understand "Who" we are - giving us Identity - which brings about personal Integrity.


Daniel brings together understanding of mind and emotions to reveal deeper hidden meaning. He pursues truth, discovering answers with the client, and reconciling them to themselves and to others. Daniel works to free his clients from their mental and emotional bondage, giving them space to attain the freedom and hope they long for.


Living on a farm in rural Alberta, Daniel encountered early and enduring trauma that aligns with both Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), continuing to exert some influence on him today. Additionally, he grappled with undiagnosed Dyslexia during his school years, presenting challenges in deciphering shapes and words into meaningful content and significantly impacting his reading processing speed, consequently hindering his academic progress.

In response to the challenges at home and in the classroom, Daniel displayed consistent and unrestrained hyperactivity throughout his years in grade school. Eight years spent in the front seat of the school bus for easy monitoring and multiple years in the Learning Resource room, where he had a designated "private office" equipped with a built-in desk and walls to minimize distractions, marked his educational journey.

Diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder in high school, Daniel endured seven nervous breakdowns between the ages of 18 and 23, experiencing homelessness twice and living out of his car during that tumultuous period. Despite facing difficulties, many stemming from his own behavior, at 24, he found the support necessary to stabilize his life. Commencing college at the age of 27, he discovered his academic aptitude, earning a GPA average of 3.3 with a Diploma in Business Administration. Daniel financially supported his education by working with mentally and physically disabled individuals, cultivating a deep appreciation for those facing greater challenges.

Married just before his 30th birthday, Daniel started a family and found success in construction. At 42, while unknowingly walking onto an unfinished deck, he fell through it, resulting in re-breaking his back (having previously been accidentally thrown out of a moving pickup truck box at the age of 14). Despite these incidents, Daniel miraculously retained the ability to walk, albeit with increased physical caution.

Given a generous opportunity to pursue a two-year college program, Daniel received a diagnosis of combined ADHD, a revelation that surprised no one. Beginning his re-education in an Addictions diploma program, he later achieved a BA in Psychology, eventually graduating with a master's degree in Counselling Psychology, achieving an impressive GPA of 3.85.

Registered as a Clinical Counsellor since 2021, Daniel is currently enrolled in the Provisional Psychologist program with the College of Alberta Psychologists. Possessing emotional intuition, he radiates gentleness, kindness, compassion, openness, and authenticity. Daniel demonstrates a strong ability to empathetically connect with others, guiding those in emotional pain towards liberation from the shackles that have constrained them for far too long. Collaborating with him reveals a playful and childlike sparkle. Having faced his own challenges, Daniel views hurt not as something to escape from but as an obstacle to overcome.

While Daniel may not have undergone the exact struggles as others, he intimately understands the fundamental tensions associated with mental and physical disabilities, as well as the journey toward peace, safety, and meaning. He firmly believes in the idea that hidden issues retain power, and genuine freedom is attained when one perceives reality with clarity. His extensive understanding and deep-rooted belief system empower him to lead others out of their suffering and towards a state of liberty.

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