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Navigating Life with PD's

Navigating life with a personality disorder (PD) is akin to steering through turbulent waters on the open ocean during the night. It involves searching for a secure harbor with limited visibility of the ever-changing rocky shore and shoreline. These disorders, characterized by enduring patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and inner experiences, profoundly impact daily life – both with others and with themselves. Emotional regulation can be erratic, leading to intense mood swings, impulsivity, and difficulty coping with stress. The world on land may feel unpredictable and chaotic, reflecting the internal turmoil that individuals with PDs often experience. Coping mechanisms developed to navigate these challenges may involve maladaptive behaviors, further complicating daily functioning.


Self-perception becomes distorted, with PD individuals often grappling with issues of identity, self-worth, and a pervasive sense of emptiness. Chronic feelings of inadequacy or fear of abandonment can lead to intense efforts to avoid real or perceived rejection. This fear may, in turn, contribute to a pattern of unstable relationships and emotional intensity. Trust issues abound, and relationships are often difficult to form and sustain with meaningful bonds. There is often an intense longing, or pull to others that can flip violently to an even more intense panic, or push away, to be freed from others. While there can be times of quiet, there generally isn’t peace.  


Despite the challenges, individuals with PD’s can achieve meaningful progress with the appropriate support and intervention found at FHCTS. Building self-awareness, establishing a strong therapeutic alliance, developing coping strategies, and healing what will be-allowed to be healed, all contribute to the journey of recovery. Life with a PD is a continual process of understanding and managing one's unique emotional environment, with the potential for healing and release through our dedicated therapeutic efforts.

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