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Prospective & Application

The Big Picture

How It Should Be

We all yearn for safety and the peace that can come with it. This longing extends from seeking care and acceptance initially from our caregivers, then more broadly from family, friends, and finally, community, where we hope to find a lifelong mate. We aspire to explore, learn, overcome challenges, and thrive. We desire to live long, happy, and fulfilling lives. However, life doesn't appear prepared to grant us these aspirations easily, presenting traumatic events in unexpected ways. These leave scars on us, requiring healing with appropriate trauma therapy in Calgary or other parts of the world.

The Way It Is

In a world teeming with abundance and life, there is an equally enthusiastic force to terminate. Nature itself can be charming one moment and deadly the next. The power to deconstruct and destroy is shockingly real. Beyond even this force, our human intellect sometimes drives a cruelty that is beyond what we can observe in nature. Despite these challenges, the world remains a beautiful place, and fundamentally, people are good and, hence, beautiful. Achieving a healthy, peaceful, and thriving way forward is possible for any of us, but understanding oneself, acknowledging the persistent challenges, and trauma recovery is a must. Professional trauma therapy in Edmonton and Calgary with FHCTS provides excellent support in healing from shocking incidents in a healthy way.

How It Is for All of Us

Who are we? What are we? Our essential self originates in thought; we experience emotions and inhabit bodies. We emerge from other fellow human beings, yet we are individuals, existing as beings. Our identity in connection to the external world shapes us, but it does not encapsulate our essence. We navigate through moments that transition into the next, but sometimes they don't. This maybe trauma. and If you are experiencing this, our expert trauma therapy in Calgary or online can help stabilize you and bring you back to peace.

​While just a theory but supported by evidence, in reality, trauma is an external force that hits and overwhelms our being, causing a perceptible shift in our identity. Conceptually, it's as if we live life in a series of moments, resembling sentences or paragraphs in a story. When something overwhelms us, whether positive (like our first kiss) or negative, we label it trauma, and afterward, we emerge somehow altered. Positive experiences are welcome, but negative ones violate our sense of self, leaving a part of us in that rupture. Pain has a voice, and these fragments of our story cry out, manifesting as anxiety, urging us to correct what is wrong with appropriate support or trauma therapy in Edmonton, Calgary, or online anywhere.

Resetting From Hurt 

Acute Trauma

- something overwhelmingly painful right-now!

Something terrible has occurred, and your world feels ablaze and upside down. We can assist. Initially, we create a safe, open, and supportive space for you to share your experience. Then, we approach you, aiming to establish a connection and ground you in care and safety. Subsequently, we collaborate with you to untangle and comprehend the events. As we progress with trauma therapy in Edmonton and Calgary, we help distinguish between the negative and positive aspects of your thoughts and emotions, ultimately leaving you with understanding and peace.

Complex Trauma

- multiple mental and emotional injuries over a long time.

While the initial catalyst that prompts someone to seek counseling, who is also carrying a state of complex trauma, is often acute suffering, addressing and resolving the initial issue reveals more profound harm has actually occurred to them. In our nurturing and trusting relationship, we systematically remove the internal bandages, releasing the pain that has seeped into their lives from this past hurt for far too long. Revisiting the most prominent pain involves the same process applied in the acute process, however, with a heightened focus on emotions as primary information tellers. Trauma therapy in Edmonton, Calgary, or online, provided by FHCTS, facilitates this healing, which must be delicate and practical so as not to bring about additional injury. Executed correctly, this process offers relief and restoration, demonstrating that recovery is indeed possible. Witnessing the once-bound individual unfold and flourish in newfound safety and freedom is genuinely beautiful.

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