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We will collaborate with you to identify the challenges and strengths within your relationship. Together, we will negotiate a solution that both (or all) parties can embrace and flourish with, regardless of the outcome.

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We understand the amazing yet incredibly challenging nature of sustaining an intimate relationship. Despite our earnest efforts, there are times when achieving the desired connection proves elusive. Mia and Daniel's initial marriages didn't succeed, but their current union has been truly blessed. Both having adult children and grandchildren, they intimately understand the highs and lows of intimate relationships and acknowledge the complexities that come with such experiences. Relationship counseling in Edmonton and Calgary with FHCTS will help you gather your thoughts, make sense of your feelings, and speak your truth while doing as little harm to your relationship and your loved one as possible moving forward. You need answers, but so do they. We will work with you to help walk this seemingly impossible tightrope – but we aren’t magicians. It might be that you are not healthy together, and we will let you know that too.


For a healthy relationship, prioritize individual well-being first before expecting the same from your partner. Loneliness often drives us to seek connections, yet we may carry deep-seated relational wounds that hinder happiness. These unresolved issues, integral to our identity, impede future relationships. Don't solely attribute problems to your partner; self-reflection is key. To thrive together, both individuals must strive for personal well-being, acknowledging the three entities in a relationship: you, your partner, and the collective "us." In our relationship counseling (Calgary and Edmonton), we emphasize that commitment to personal and joint growth is the only healthy path forward for a thriving relationship.


Although similar to being a couple, marriage differs significantly. You both made pledges to your partner, family, and friends, committing to do everything in your power to ensure a safe, healthy, and happy union. Yet, conflicts arise, often stemming from an unwillingness to uphold those vows. Despite your partner likely facing similar challenges, it doesn't justify your predicament. Therefore, both require proper relationship counseling (Edmonton and Calgary) to correct the situation for a peaceful marital life. Marriage merges two into one, necessitating a transformative process where individual identities undergo a necessary shift for the collective "us" to flourish. This adulting process aims to enrich each individual, elevating them beyond what they could achieve alone, transcending mere childish play.


See at the bottom of the page: What Happens with Serious Marriage Breakage and How We Counsel for it.

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Now, it's not just you and your "partner;" there are kids depending on both of you. These precious beings rely on you for care, nourishment, and the opportunity to fulfill their potential. However, neither you nor your spouse seems to be meeting those expectations. You feel like a failure, having committed your life to someone who falls short, and now, you're unable to provide the help your beloved children need. Alternatively, your family is progressing, but Billy and Bobby are fighting, and you just can't seem to resolve it. Managing a family is akin to simmering pasta sauce—too much heat, and everything becomes a mess. All you need in this condition is the right relationship counseling (Calgary). And that's okay.

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