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Trauma Therapy

Providing Healing Through Expert Care and Support

Trauma victims need support when recovering from traumatizing experience. At FHCTS, we can help you in your recovery journey. Trauma can arise from any number of experiences, from accidents and abuse to natural disasters and beyond, often leaving lasting emotional scars that impact an individual's physical and psychological well-being. Trauma can manifest in various forms, leading to symptoms like:

Flashbacks: Reminding one of a traumatic event.

Anxiety and Depression: Emotional challenges with lasting effects.

Dissociation: An experience of separation from reality.

Physical Symptoms: Trauma can have profound ramifications on one's physical well-being, manifesting as pain, tension, and other unpleasantness in various forms.

Trauma Therapy With FHCTS

Trauma therapy provides individuals with the tools and support they need for healing after experiencing traumatizing events. Our therapists provide an impartial space where individuals can freely express their experiences and emotions in an atmosphere of understanding, and free from judgment.  The building of trust is essential in healing from trauma. 

Skill Development

Therapists help clients develop vital coping mechanisms for dealing with flashbacks, emotional distress, and other symptoms associated with trauma.

Trauma Processing

Therapy often entails revisiting and processing painful memories and events to help individuals make sense of their pasts and move forward in life with greater understanding.


Through therapy, individuals can regain a sense of control and empowerment over their lives rather than feeling powerless to cope with trauma.

Trauma Therapy in Calgary and Edmonton

Seeking professional assistance through FHCTS provides many advantages to individuals experiencing trauma. Some benefits may include:

1. Individualized Support: Therapists design tailored treatment plans that meet each client's needs and challenges to deliver optimal support services.

2. Emotional Healing: Therapy provides a safe space where individuals can process past trauma and emotion in a therapeutic relationship and thus promote emotional healing.

3. Coping Skills: Individuals gain invaluable coping strategies for managing symptoms, alleviating emotional distress, and improving overall well-being.

4. Improved Relationships: Therapy can assist individuals in rebuilding trust with others and improving relationships.


5. Empowerment: As people heal and gain greater control of their lives, many experience greater empowerment and an enhanced sense of agency in themselves and life.

6. Enhancing Quality of Life: Through effective symptom management and emotional healing, individuals may notice a significant enhancement in their overall quality of life.

Trauma Therapists with FHCTS

A trauma therapist is an independent professional licensed to understand and treat trauma. These professionals possess in-depth knowledge regarding both its psychological and emotional impacts. Trauma therapists employ tailored treatment approaches and interventions designed to meet the unique needs of their clients who have suffered trauma.

Trauma Assessment

They conduct in-depth assessments to understand better the trauma experienced, providing direction on an individual treatment plan. Trauma therapists offer psychological support and interventions designed to address both the emotional and mental components of post-trauma recovery.

Collaboration and Advocacy

Healthcare advocates often collaborate closely with other medical practitioners and serve as advocates on behalf of their clients to secure comprehensive medical attention for each one. Reaping the benefits of working with a trauma psychotherapist offers many distinct advantages when recovering from trauma, including:

1. Expertise: Trauma psychotherapists possess extensive training and expertise in trauma treatment, guaranteeing clients receive the top care possible.

2. Comprehensive Assessments: They conduct comprehensive assessments to fully comprehend all facets of traumatic experiences on individuals and their impactful consequences for each one.

3. Targeted Interventions: Trauma psychotherapists offer evidence-based therapies tailored to their client's needs and challenges.

4. Collaborative Approach: Trauma psychotherapists collaborate closely with healthcare providers to adequately take care of all aspects of trauma recovery.

5. Emotional Support: Trauma psychologists offer emotional support and guidance for individuals to regain control over their lives.

Finding Qualified Trauma Therapy

When selecting trauma therapists Calgary, they must specialize in trauma relief and be equipped to offer practical support services. Here are a few suggestions for finding your perfect match:

1. Credentials: Assure that any therapist or psychotherapists you consider hiring has the appropriate credentials and experience in trauma treatment.

2. Specialization: Look for professionals specializing in trauma therapy or psychology with extensive expertise.

3. Compatibility: Establishing the ideal client-professional relationship is imperative to successful therapy or psychotherapy sessions; don't hesitate to explore alternative professionals if needed.

4. Treatment Approach: It is essential to research and inquire into each therapist/psychotherapist's methodology so they meet your desired outcomes and preferences.

5. Reviews and Recommendations: Get references or read reviews to gauge a professional's reputation and service quality.

6. Accessibility: Consider location and accessibility when choosing a therapist or psychotherapist to ensure consistent and convenient sessions.

Dealing With Trauma

Navigating trauma can be an emotional roller-coaster ride, yet its treatment offers hope of healing and recovery. Individuals take an essential step toward understanding, healing, and creating a brighter future by seeking help with FHCTS's professionals, here in Alberta - available in person in Calgary, or online anywhere in Alberta.

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Trauma Therapy in Calgary / Edmonton

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