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Are You Hooked? Recognizing Signs of Addiction

Understanding and acknowledging the early signs of addiction in yourself or others is a crucial and courageous first step toward recovery. Recognizing you have a problem and deciding to seek help can be overwhelming, but you are not alone in this journey. At Freedom & Hope Counselling & Therapeutic Services (FHCTS), we offer a nurturing and professional environment tailored to support and guide you or your loved ones through each step towards recovery. With us, you're never alone in this transformative journey.

Understanding Addiction

As you've heard, addiction is a complex condition to deal with. Substance abuse or behaviors like gambling are some of the common types of addiction.

 Signs of Addiction in Yourself

Here are some signs that may indicate a personal struggle with addiction:

  • Inability to Stop: Despite wanting to, when you just can't quit the substance or behavior you've been doing again.

  • Withdrawal Symptoms: Experiencing physical or emotional withdrawal, just feeling that empty space inside of you.

  • Neglecting Other Activities: Abandoning activities you once enjoyed.

  • Secrecy and Isolation: Hiding your behavior from others and withdrawing from social activities.

  • Risk-Taking: Engaging in risky behaviors to continue your addiction.

If these signs resonate with you, it's important to reach out to an addiction therapist in Calgary. At FHCTS, we are ready to support you with understanding and professional care.

 Signs of Addiction in Others

It can be challenging to spot addiction in others, but here are some to help you get going:

●      Physical Health: Noticeable changes like sudden weight loss/gain and poor skin and hair condition.

●      Behavioral Changes: Shifts in social circles, neglecting family and friends for gambling, loose with money, and others.

●      Psychological Signs: Mood swings, getting happier and sad all of a sudden. Getting irritated on little things.

When you see these signs in someone you care about, approach them with empathy. As an IFS Therapist in Calgary, we at FHCTS can offer guidance and support to both you and your loved one.

 Seeking Professional Help

Acknowledging your addiction is a courageous first step. The next one, as told above, is seeking professional help. At FHCTS, we provide a safe space. So, any personal information you share with our therapist is safe, and no one else will know about it without your approval. As an addiction counseling service provider in Calgary, we delve into the causes of addiction and work to heal you, carefully and gradually.

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