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What is it like living with ADHD

Updated: Jan 22

Living with Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) involves dealing with constant stimulation and distraction. Focusing on a single task is frequently interrupted by a stream of images and thoughts vying for attention. These impulses lack a gatekeeper, asserting their right to dominate the collective awareness space. Attempts to limit them result in the feeling of offense - as if they are insisting, they have the right to live out their thoughts as much as any other thought does. It's a perpetual battle for the mind, akin to being in a room with everyone talking simultaneously, lacking turn-taking etiquette, leading to chaos if the voices become too loud. Simple tasks become monumental challenges, requiring continuous and exhausting effort to maintain attention.

Time perception is distorted, with moments stretching or evaporating as the mind races, struggling to maintain order and a coherent timeline. Forgetfulness becomes a constant companion, leading to frustration and self-doubt. Completing tasks involves a series of starts and stops, resembling an engine backfiring.

Impulsivity, a hallmark of ADHD, results in actions or words spoken without prior thought. This can lead to embarrassment and strained relationships. Yet, amid these challenges, there is often a surprising capacity for creativity, quick thinking, and adaptability. Managing ADHD involves acknowledging unique strengths and learning organizational techniques. Receiving reassurance and support is crucial for those with ADHD to focus their powerful minds and achieve their full potential. Daniel at FHCTS has has diagnosed combined ADHD and has experienced both the hardships and gifts of ADHD personally. Life with ADHD is a dynamic journey, marked by hurdles, distinctive perspectives, and opportunities.

Written by Daniel Klassen. January 22, 2024; © 2024

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