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Trauma therapy


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Trauma therapy


Creating a safe haven alliance between the client and the therapist that is effective and healing, is crucially important at FHCTS. Whether your concern is trauma, addictions, relationship issues, or some other serious struggle, we are focused on bringing you freedom and hope. 

Trauma therapy

Our professional relationship with you begins with us respecting your dignity and giving you space to be yourself as you are, as you work to unravel your suffering to another. Our intention is to be with you as you begin to release of pain, to your healthy and full restoration. 



Having gone through overwhelming emotional pain and psychological suffering in our own lives, we know, personally, what having a wrecked life feels like – and the pain of seeing loved one who are similarly afflicted, their lives slipping away without the help they needed. At some point, someone reached out and we took their help - it is our intention to be there for you. This is not just what we do, but its our hearts work.



  1. a sudden feeling of mental or emotional distress or longing: a pang of remorse; a pang of desire.

  2. a sudden, brief, sharp pain or physical sensation; spasm: hunger pangs.   (

Pang ~ Sting.

Pang  is a 


in treating the mental and emotional pain besetting the individual. Rather than avoiding it, to the understanding and skilled therapist, it is the entry point to dismantle the spasm that caused and is causing that pain. It is a truthful and reliable proclaimer that a wrong has occurred, strongly crying out "Please help me, I need help!" 


In it are all the details of the offense. It just needs unraveling because the sufferer is unable to do it by themselves. It is in relationship we are hurt; it is in relationship we are made well again.


Daniel Klassen

Daniel's is a Provisional Psychologist (P7619) through CAP and a Registered Clinical Counsellor (19147) through BCACC. His approach to therapy is delicately thoughtful, to reveal and release emotional pain in the client and to return them to balance, peace and right-mindedness. Daniel holds numerous certifications and has taken multiple courses, and broadly in the complexities of personality, and in close relationships - and where the systems fail, such as in abuse and trauma. Daniel practices a wide rage of therapies, such as IFS, EFT, CBT, and ACT others.


Mia Klassen

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Mia is a Registered Professional Counsellor through CPCA, who specializes in acute, severe, and early childhood trauma. Mia exemplifies safety - someone you can to come out of hiding and hurting to. Through profound compassion, skill, and understanding, she guides her clients to healing. Mia presents on the topics of Trauma, Boundaries, Averse Childhood Experiences, and teaches on Compassion Fatigue and Building Resiliency. Mia has extensive training in Complex trauma and IFS.

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With time, effort, and care, every troubled mind can be settled; every broken heart can be restored

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Mia is an amazing, wonderful person! Her gifting and sensitivity into complex issues is priceless. Her professionalism, compassion and empathy were an unexpected blessing. She is fully dedicated to helping her clients get from a place of brokenness to a place of restoration.

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Daniel, in a kind and gentle manner, spoke past my walls, to me. And he stayed with me in my pain until I was willing to let it go. He showed me different ways of looking at my situation. The change that has overtaken me because of Daniel is mind blowing to me. 

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My experience with Mia Klassen as a counsellor was rich, extravagant and rewarding. She is a gifted and anointed counsellor and I highly would recommend her to anyone suffering from childhood/adulthood trauma. 

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I regard Daniel as a close friend and a counselor I regard highly. The man impressed me with his respect, seriousness concerning my situation, willingness to express his opinions, and willingness to listen.

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